Managing network security risks has always been a challenge for organizations with limited IT resources. With the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the workplace, a whole new world of challenges has been unleashed.The range of unsecured devices connecting to the network can have a severe impact on the overall cybersecurity profile of an organization.

Workplace IoT technology can include surveillance cameras, televisions, copy machines, HVAC systems or smart fridges – all of which connect to the network. Business is predicted to be the number one adopter of IoT with more than 11 billion devices installed and $3 billion invested by 2020.

Employee-owned devices are becoming part of a company’s IoT landscape. BYOD devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, have been joined by fitness trackers, smart watches, and other wearables. These devices jumping on the network can leave the door open to hackers if a proper IoT policy is not in place.

  • 40% of companies permit all employees to take part in BYOD.
  • 32% make it available to certain employees.
  • 9% plan on implementing it in the next year.

IoT devices are often less secure than more established technologies. They are often rushed to market without concern for security or maintenance of their onboard software.

  • By 2020, more than 25% of cyberattacks will involve IoT-connected devices. Unfortunately, business are slow to make adjustments to protect themselves from the risks these devices introduce.
  • 92% of IT professionals say that connective devices are a major security issue, while 66% say they are not sure how many devices employees bring to work.
  • 63% of companies deploy IoT without having proper data security established.

The keys to creating a safe IoT environment that embraces workplace and personal devices include:

  • Identifying devices connecting to the network
  • Examining bi-directional traffic for unexpected behaviour
  • Creating a separate network for IoT devices
  • Updating software and firmware when available
  • Utilizing a gateway or UTM solution that provides visibility and control over all devices

Untangle NG Firewall helps organizations to identify, manage and control all devices that connect to the network. Organizations with small budgets can rest assured they are getting enterprise-grade protection at the gateway without breaking the bank.

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Source: http://www5.untangle.com/iotrisksig