Malware. Problem Solved.

MNet Advanced Endpoint Protection solves the problem of malware on both Windows endpoints and mobile devices. The MNet AEP Client uses a multi-layer, modular approach that uses automation to isolate unknown files in a secure container, while an accelerated verdict is determined for unknown files, all while using multiple Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection (STAP) methods identified as essential by IDC to protect against advanced threats.

Thanks to a Default Deny Platform, The MNet AEP Client is lightweight – as little at 10MB – and is able to allow all known good, and block all know bad files, automatically containing the remaining unknown, while local and cloud components deliver an accelerated verdict. This provides the most robust protection on the market, without sacrificing usability or scale even in virtual environments.

No need to ‘solution stack’ unproven point solutions, on your legacy AV. The MNet AEP Client can increase your security posture, in a competitively priced offering.

Summary of Features

Known Good/Bad: Powered by Comodo, they are the largest Certificate Authority brand in the world, providing for the most comprehensive library of all known “good” code producers. Comodo Threat Research Labs (CTRL) provide the largest library of known “bad” files, battle-tested solution with over 85 million Windows PC users.

Automated Containerization: The patent pending automated containerization technology has been proven to stop zero-day attacks, ‘jailing’ unknown processes until an accelerated verdict is decided. Say goodbye to ‘Patient Zero.’

VirusScope: Using behavioral analysis based on knowledge or indicators of compromise (IOC) of how malware exploits an endpoint, analysis occurs on the local workstation. A virtualized container ‘jails’ files’ attempting to contact the CPU, Memory, File System, Registry, and more. This keeps your device safe, without affecting usability. VirusScope also uses techniques such as API hooking, DLL injection prevention, and much more.

Valkyrie: To provide an accelerated verdict, the MNet AEP Client may be configured to contact the Comodo cloud for static and dynamic malware analysis that typically returns a verdict in as little as 30-45 seconds – greater than 5x faster than leading solutions!

Human Analyst: In cases where VirusScope or Valkyrie are not able to determine a verdict, the option to send analysis to researchers who return a verdict based on SLA timelines ensures that you have 100% Verdict, and 100% Coverage.